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Cata-Gorey: an Unsettling Collection

Ogded Weary wrote a book no one wanted to print.

The first title published by The Fantod Press.

Raddory Grewe knew curiosity leads to troubling incidents.

From "The Eleventh Episode."

D. Awdrey-Gore, like Agatha Christie, thought "the smallest clue may be (or not) / The one to give away the plot."

And Edward Gorey knew them all. Through his anagram pseudonyms and under his own (yes, real) name, Gorey was a prolific writer and illustrator with an unmistakable style, even when he was designing book covers for H. G. Wells or T. S. Eliot.

We've collected all our Goreyana into one place - a bookshelf, does that surprise you? - so that purveyors of the astonishing and strange may have easier access to Gorey's tales. Take a look.

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